iPods Don't Need to Be Washed... How to save one.

OK, So I'm a total spaz... every day I carry my iPhone and my iPod from my car to the apartment to charge and load them with new content.  About a week ago I came home from work right before going on vacation and accidentally left my 2G iPod Nano in my pocket and washed it in the laundry... OOPS!!!

So what do you do? Luckily my wife read online that the trick was this.


2. Put it in a bag of rice.

3. Leave it for a week.

Perfect. We had a big bag of rice so we put about a cup of rice in a ziplock and dropped the iPod in with it and we left on vacation.

Well, we just got back and I'm happy to tell you.  She seems to be working just fine!  Not sure if we'll have any adverse effects on the battery performance, which had been STELLAR... But I'll let you know about that later... for now, it seems to be working fine.


1 Song, 1 Shot, No Camera Moves, TOTALLY Compelling.

I just watched this video that I found by doing a search on the twitters for 5DMK2 and this came up... you have to just sit back and turn up the sound and watch this... its SO beautiful, peaceful and serene. It looks totally fake.. like the fish are composited in, especially the really big ones... but I think its all real... WOW... do yourself a favor and go to the YouTube and watch this in HD. You won't regret it.



I can't have a Sham Wow!!

You see my wife is a lot smarter then I am... she won't let me fall prey to the hype that is Vince "Offer" Shlomi.  Vince is the Sham Wow guy and also pimps the Slap Chop... this video is funny... But you see... Beth won't let me get a Sham Wow, despite the attempts I make to spill stuff all over the house and then yell out... "OH NO!!! I wish I had a Sham Wow!!!" Pretty soon we're gonna need new carpet!



YouTube Accounts, Keep them active!

OK, I want to tell you a story but I don't want to, or actually, I can't tell you too many details. So recently I was at Gasser's in San Francisco and I was asking about a Canon to Nikon adapter ring... I just wanted to see one and and decide if I wanted to get one so that I could use all of Jeff Regan's Nikon lenses on the 5DMk2.  The guy next to me was asking about the 5D too and we had a good long chat about the pros and cons of the camera as a video camera.

Turns out he works for a certain video site that, uh, lets you broadcast yourself in San Bruno.  We'll I had been having some problems with my account and after a nice chat with this guy and a couple eMails later that night I had everything taken care of with my account. (sometimes it really does pay to live in the San Francisco Bay Area as I would never had this face to face, chance encounter anywhere else in the world).

So, my word of advice to anyone that has a youtube account is make sure you keep it active. (did i just say youtube?) Don't let it go dormant and you may want to keep some activity every, say... 6 months or so.


Michael Fletcher... amazing.

Images Of Western Australia's Kimberley from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

Originally I saw this Michael Fletcher piece but decided not to post it because it was longer and well, no one wants to sit for 14 minutes anymore... but I beg you to sit thru this... its beautiful.