Creepy but Cool... Best 5DMK2 Demo Reel Ever?

So i'm cruising thru the other day and I come across this guys demo reel. But its like a movie... he says its a combo of 5DMK2 and Red footage and to tell the truth, I'm not sure which is which but its wicked creepy and engaging...

The main thing I liked about this dudes reel was that IT WAS HIS REEL!!! I mean, I was totally into this Fincher-esque creep fest and then all of a sudden his tag line comes up and basically screams... "HIRE ME"... My first thought is... "holy crap.. you mean you're AVAILABLE?"

This is so much more interesting then your basic, "take a bunch of my old work and cut it to some Crystal Method track". How often do you re-rack a demo reel and watch it again? What do you think?

Matthew Bennett - reel


Canon 5DMK2 Monitor? - Nice Kit!

Every one knows viewing the lame LCD on the back of a 5DMK2 makes it almost impossible to shoot, so what do you do?

I first saw this monitor at Shooting Star Video, Jeff has great gear and it is ALWAYS meticulously maintained. This is perhaps the perfect 'viewfinder' for the 5D if indeed you can adapt the mini HDMI out of the camera to the DVI in on the TV-Logic LVM-071W.  This thing has great features including a focus assist mode that highlights in red the edges that are actually in focus. 

At $2500 it's pretty costy, almost the price of the camera body. 


Epic Skate Video

So exactly what happens, and what state of mind do you have to be in, before someone chimes in with, “hey… and then we can put my JEEP up on top of the ramp and put a piece of speed rail on the racks and I’ll do a HAND PLANT off it.” and NO ONE SHOOTS THE IDEA DOWN?



31,000,000 Views!!! - Daft Hands

Yea, you heard me... 31,000,000 views... and its just some relatively skilled kid with a Sharpee... Television is in trouble. If you are the impatient type you can jump :50 into the piece... but DEFINITELY watch around 2:00.

When you get REALLY inspired... you can go here and try it yourself.


Vanished??? Seriously?

I'm kind of surprised that the media wants us to believe that the Air France flight 447 just vanished. If there had been problems do they mean for me to believe that there was no radio distress call from 30,000 feet. That there was no time for someone to say, "hey, looks like one of our planes is dropping in altitude"?

Nope... it just vanished.

Something had to have happened that was sudden and catastrophic. Some that made it impossible for the crew to say they were having problems during their descent and eventual crash landing in the sea. Eventually information will leak out about some theory of an explosion, or a missile, or a bomb but for now they just want us to believe it just vanished.

Yea, I don't think so.