Beautiful... take a deep breath and watch this.


When I was 4 years old...

Oh man... this makes you feel like a loser... when I was 4 years old I couldn't even hit the toilet... take a look at this kid... He's either gonna be a super star or be totally washed up by the time he is 6.


Just clever...

Yea yea yea, I stole this of Judge Report. Come and get me... but this photo is just cool...

I wanted to share it with my interwebs friends...


My cable secret...

Earlier today Philip Bloom posted about affordable monitors for the 5D, not quite as nice as the TV Logic monitor I posted about a couple of days ago but certainly a lot cheaper. But you can never forget your cables.

For awhile now I've been buying all my cables from Monoprice is an amazing resource. Have you ever had the mooks at Best Buy try to sell you an HDMI cable for $120... how TOTALLY crazy do you have to be to pay that kind of money for a cable. Recently I installed an HDTV and needed to hook it up to several HDMI sources... I went to and was able to by 10' HDMI to HDMI cables in various colors for $4.74 each.

Now... back to the 5D... if you want to hook up an on board monitor you will need an HDMI-mini to HDMI.

Philip recommended a 6' cable for $15 from B&H. However, you probably don't need a 6' cable. How about a 3' HDMI-mini to HDMI from for $4.05 and while you're at it buy 2 and get a price break for $3.71 each and have a spare in your bag.

At any rate... definately check out, an amazing resource.


5DMK2 Music Video... Quilted People freak me out!

wemakemusic* - Dance with a Statue from Sebastian Woeber on Vimeo.

Found this one on Interesting idea this weird club full of quilted people and dancers, they freak me out but the LIGHTING in this is great. I love it when the lights are static and end up playing a part in the full piece. So much more interesting. I'm not crazy about the song... I spent half the time watching it wondering if any thing that wasupholsteredin my house was going to come to life and attack me.

And face it, who doesn't like a music video featuring a Shure 55SH?