Vanished??? Seriously?

I'm kind of surprised that the media wants us to believe that the Air France flight 447 just vanished. If there had been problems do they mean for me to believe that there was no radio distress call from 30,000 feet. That there was no time for someone to say, "hey, looks like one of our planes is dropping in altitude"?

Nope... it just vanished.

Something had to have happened that was sudden and catastrophic. Some that made it impossible for the crew to say they were having problems during their descent and eventual crash landing in the sea. Eventually information will leak out about some theory of an explosion, or a missile, or a bomb but for now they just want us to believe it just vanished.

Yea, I don't think so.


Tough Times

This morning I read this story about a family in Southern California on that had made some bad decisions and then was struck with two medical emergency's. The husband was in a roll over car accident and almost lost his arm and the oldest son was in a skateboard accident and had severe head trauma.

They have gone from living in a 3 bedroom home to a one room hotel room. So many people are living so close to 'the edge'.

Read their story here.


Welcome to my edit suite...

Number 1. "Sit on the seating supplied in the arrangement it has been set up in."

Joy Moeller –EditQuette from Art+Copy Club of Kansas City on Vimeo.


Oh so true and scary...

"Sir, we're not the taco stand..."

"No, uh, yea, it was beef... same thing as I had here."

"You had the Filet."

"Yea, cow."


Adding Videos to a Squarespace Page

Well... after figuring out how to salvage my account from the "you only had it as a trial" monster I finally decided to crack this thing open and figure out how to post videos.

Posting videos on Squarespace has nothing to do with uploading your video. As a matter of fact they just want you to embed your video that is posted on Vimeo or YouTube.  For a brief moment I thought, "hmm, am I gonna have to move all my tutorials to YouTube?"

That Prospect scared me because, frankly, I do better compressions then they do.  Then I messed around until I figured out how to keep my QT movies where they were on my other site and just drop an embed code into am HTML page.

Maybe I'll have to put up a tutorial on how to do that?

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