Brilliant Marketing.... I Am T-Pain

Every once in a while someone comes up with something and just KNOCKS it out of the ball park.  Smule makes iPhone Apps, T-Pain in a Rapper who has popularized the Auto Tune plug in for ProTools.  You put the two together and look at how much fun these people are having... this App Will do VERY WELL... (Although I'm really afraid to see what an App called "I Am Spenser Pratt" will be like. This begins the era of Celebrity Endorsed Applications.

By the way if you don't know who T-Pain is, you can run along and read something else...


Quicktime X - YAY!!!! 

WHAT??? No export menu in Snow Leopard's new Quicktime X?

The rumor mills are churning with the idea that the very reason that QTX is void of the export menu is to drive people to use Compressor... 

regardless... the idea of TAKING AWAY a feature in the 21st century is unimaginable..

it is a true testament to the bizarre "reality distortion field" that exists inside the Infinite Loop.  I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of the meeting where someone pitched the idea of REMOVING the export menu from QTX, ESPECIALLY since the early reports of what QTX was going to do was to "add features that were previously only available in QTPro" (i.e. Full Screen playback)  I can hardly imagine the logic of removing a feature but to imagine the "group think" that harbors the lack of fortitude for someone... ANYONE to stand up and say... "yea, I don't think that is a good idea... won't we be pissing off some really good customers that have been with us for a LONG TIME?"

Now, all that being said... Maybe there is a plan for a QTX Pro, and maybe it will include some really long sought after features and UI tools that QT has long needed... For example... Why has Apple never allowed me a way to create hot spots in my movie to create HREF calls or other links... the capability has been there since about 2000 but apple has NEVER created a UI to allow us to create these kinds of links. Or heres one, in nearly every Flash Player online I can, while watching a video embedded in a web page, hit an icon and have that video take over my screen for full screen playback.  Why can't I do that in QT? It it a technological reason, (can't figure it out?), is it a pride issue? (who said that was better... we don't NEED those sour grapes!) Is it a legal reason? (would love to but Flash has a patent on that idea).

Clearly... QT is getting its ass kicked... With the addition of H264 encoding in Flash the quality issue is no more. It is a shame because back in 1990 QT was so far ahead of EVERYTHING else, hell.. back then there WAS nothing else.

am grateful that there was at least enough people thinking that they didn't totally kill QT7 Pro, but SERIOUSLY... what is the end game?  What is the motivation for this stupid ass crippled QTX and who were the spineless sods who sat in that meeting and didn't say... "this is dumb, we need to leave the export menu where it is".

I would LOVE to hear a public explanation of why this was done... I'm sure we will never get that explanation, For now, I'm glad I have QT7 Pro still on my drive.


Fun Music Cut...

I was watching youtube on our Apple TV this afternoon and selected the “Top Rated” and ran across this clip… Really really cool use of a sequencer… this guy has some skills!!! Make sure you check out more of the shooters work too…

If you are interested in the tech side of what he is doing, you should watch this video because it has more close ups of his kit.


IOUSA... you really should watch this.

Have you gotten YOUR IOU from the state of California? We did, I sure hope the state decides to honor it.

In the world of YouTube, 2 minutes of fast mindless entertainment I am pretty sure NO ONE will watch this 30 minute discussion of the national debt and how we got to where we were... BUT YOU SHOULD. It would be really cool if you proved me wrong... come on, I dare you. Watch the video and email me and tell me you actually watched the whole thing.


Socialnomics - Is Social Media a Fad?

Most of MY friends no I don't read to well... so these types of videos remind me that I basically flunked out of the "speed reading" class that I took in the basement of the Burlingame Public Library 30 years ago.  In order to get thru it I have to pause the video on almost every screen... BUT... this is FASCINATING.

The facts in this piece, if accurate, (and I have no reason to believe they are not) totally change the way we look at mass communication, marketing, advertising, and even entertainment