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Fun Project I Just Finished...

Michael Jackson Tribute Band "Neverland" Compilation Reel from Chris Fenwick on Vimeo.

Don't tell anyone but I actually SHOT some of this... This is one of the most fun projects I've worked on in a long time.



Yea, I know right? a WEDDING video!!!

raj + carolyn // same day edit . TN from stillmotion on Vimeo.


Although this is 5 months old it took my breath away. Just a lovely piece of work and amazing! I told my wife I wanted to get married again just to have these guys shoot the wedding. You must take the 4 minutes it takes to watch this. You'll probably need 8 though... 

And if that is not enough, this was all shot over a 3 day weekend party, Friday Night rehearsal dinner, Saturday Catholic wedding and Sunday Hindu wedding and it was shown at the reception Sunday night.



Another "Neverland" video...

I went thru my footage from friday night and was able to cut together a second video of "Neverland", the Michael Jackson Tribute band, from the stuff I shot before sunset. GREAT band... you should really check them out if you ever get a chance.


"Neverland" in Redwood City

"Neverland" is a Michael Jackson tribute band. They played in Redwood City Friday Night Oct. 9 2009. We had a great night. This is shot with our Canon 5DMK2, I'm starting to get the hang of it.


U2 Tribute Band "Zoo Station" - Live in Redwood City

This is why it is so much fun to go see "Zoo Station", the U2 Tribute band, when they are playing. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out if you ever have the chance... They have shows coming up in November in Redwood City and San Francisco.

Up Coming Shows

I shot this with our Canon 5D MK2, and you can see what a horrible shooter I am. I was also shooting with our broken lens that, once it starts shooting can't be refocused... we really have to fix that lens.