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Smells like Rockin' Robin.

Clever… and WELL done… who would have thought those two songs could be put together.

Surprised to see my footage on ABC News

Last fall I cut a promo video for "Neverland", an awesome local Michael Jackson Tribute band. They were just given a cease and desist letter from the Michael Jackson estate and they were told to not use the name anymore. Sucks for them.

It was a bit shocking to see that the Local ABC station totally used footage from the demo reel I cut for them on the news. Not only did I cut the piece but there was a fair amount of 5D footage that I shot in it as well.

By the way, they are changing their name to "Foreverland".


Fun Project I Just Finished...

Michael Jackson Tribute Band "Neverland" Compilation Reel from Chris Fenwick on Vimeo.

Don't tell anyone but I actually SHOT some of this... This is one of the most fun projects I've worked on in a long time.



Another "Neverland" video...

I went thru my footage from friday night and was able to cut together a second video of "Neverland", the Michael Jackson Tribute band, from the stuff I shot before sunset. GREAT band... you should really check them out if you ever get a chance.