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FCPX - Another Opinion

The Jeffery Harrell video that as removed from Vimeo after 11,000 views in 24 hours.

Jeffery says, “Oh, and since it’s been asked: I cut this with Premiere 5.5 on my laptop. Never used Premiere before, needed a project to learn on.”

Nice Job Jeffery, this is his first piece on Vimeo and he cut this in Premiere Pro! 


X2PPro 006 - Audio Tracks

After a week of hard core Premiere Pro editing… I’m getting into some of the finer things.. cutting images and shots is easy… now its time to get into some audio stuff.


X2PPro 001 - Getting Started

First of all, X2PPro means “Switch to Premiere Pro” just so you know why you are seeing more of that on my site.

Secondly, I believe one of the best ways to LEARN is thru mistakes and discoveries… for that reason I left this very raw and WITH some of MY mistakes. Let me know… did I over do it? Does it help you retain?

There will be many more of these.