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I dreamt about Occupy.

So early this morning I had a dream about the Occupy movement. I know… i’m weird. The dream went something like this.
I was near my office in Oakland, no where near the now famous shooting of Scott Olson but in Oakland none the less. I, for some odd reason had picked up a large sheet and gone for a walk. I ended up at the east side of the Target parking lot in Emeryville, near Best Buy. There, in the middle of the parking lot the Oakland Police were rounding up protestors and cuffing them.
As I stood there with my giant sheet I realized, it could be waved like a “I surrender” flag. So as I started to unfold it, it got bigger and bigger, almost magically, and it was long. It was folded over on itself many times over and i started to hand it to the other spectators who were watching the cops arrest all these people.
It occurred to me, that we could probably get MOST of the way around the large parking lot that the arrests were being made in. So I yelled and gestured to the others holding up the long approximately 4 foot high strip of fabric and we began to walk in opposite directions.
Others stepped in and immediately, somehow in my dream, everyone realized the poignancy of this silent protest as we began to totally encircle the entire parking lot. Miraculously we did completely wrap the entire parking lot in this long piece of fabric, reminiscent of a Christo art installation.
Somehow the authorities realized I was the one behind this exhibition and immediately a couple of cops walked up to me, I was outside a chain link fence for some reason. He approached me with authority trying to intimidate me and yelled thru the fence.
“Photography is prohibited here, you must disperse.”
I laughed at the canned response that cops like to use, even though it has beeb proven in court that you are completely in your right to photograph a cop as he works as long as you don’t interfere with what he is doing. It was also obsurd because I didn’t have a camera with me so I responded to him.
“Well that’s ok there is no ‘photography-ing’ going on here!”
I distinctly used the bastardized form of photography cuz, well… i’m a smart ass, and it got a chuckle from my silent flag holding partners.
Then another guy starting asking me questions. “Whats your name?” “Who do you represent?” etc. He wasn’t a cop, wasn’t wearing a uniform was some sort of organizer and it was obvious the cops were under his “authority”.
At this point I GOT MAD and responded… “WHO ARE YOU!!!??”  “Who do YOU work for!!!???” He backed off, tried to hide behind the cop and sort of cowered away.
It was at this point I woke up and thought… wow… I need to write that down.
I don’t know what any of it means but… I hate what is going on with the Occupy movement. The big banks and the “banksters” that run them have run amok. The sheeple are feeling the pain of living under their tyrannical rule and the corprotocracy that the US government has become. The problem is, the masses feel the pain but can’t articulate the problem because… its an extremely complicated issue. EXTREMELY.
Educate yourself people. There is a LOT to complain about, but learn how to articulate it.


Occupy Wallstreet, This guy gets it!

Author Chris Hedges goes on Canadian Television to discuss Occupy Wallstreet, the anchor calls him a “nut case”, or something like that and Hedges holds his own. Very articulate, very well informed… and he gets attacked by the moron who obvioulsy is being told to marginalize Hedges while he is on the air. 

Ahhh, the news!!!


Occupy Wallstreet, Glass-Steagal and why you care.

What is happening with the Banks?
It complicated but not overly so.
When I was a little kid, my mom would occasionally buy a treat for my little brother and I to share. One of our favorites were Plain M&M’s. I was a bit more crafty then my little brother though. We would open the bag, dump the M&M’s out on the table and count them out one by one so we would split them evenly. I would usually figure out a way to eat the extra one in the even of an odd number of candies in the bag.
Then I would get greedy. I was much more ‘reckless’ with my half, I would always eat my M&M’s faster then Jon would and upon doing so, I would then point out to him that, he had more then me and it “would only be fair” if we were to split them M&M’s… AGAIN!!! Amazingly enough he would fall for it every time. So, since he ate his candies much slower then I did. I would take basically his half and split it again. effectively getting 3/4 of the candies for myself.
This is essentially what is happening with the banks post “bailout”.
Follow with me.
In 1933 a bill was passed called the “Glass-Steagal Act”.

From Wikipedia:
“In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, bankers and brokers were sometimes indistinguishable. Then, in the Great Depression after 1929, Congress examined the mixing of the “commercial” and “investment” banking industries that occurred in the 1920s. Hearings revealed conflicts of interest and fraud in some banking institutions’ securities activities. A formidable barrier to the mixing of these activities was then set up by the Glass–Steagall Act.”

So, in essence, they realized something was wrong that caused the Great Depression in 1929 and they made rules to make it safe for the future so another depression would not happen again.
The problem is that in 1999 the Glass-Steagal Act was repealed opening the doors for severe conflicts of interest in the banking communities and the ability for financial institutions to delve into VERY risky business ventures. In other words they had the ability to wolf down their M&M’s in a reckless manner.
Once the banks lost their shirts on the sub-prime lending of the early 21st century they got their buddies in high places to go in front of the American People and say, “Hey, these guys are ‘Too Big to Fail’ and besides they ate all their M&M’s already so its time to divvy up the candies again.”
In the form of OUR TAXES, the government distributed over $700 BILLION dollars thru the TARP or Trouble Asset Relief Program.
Does this make sense? These guys played fast and loose with our money making LAME loans, lost their shirts and then said, “oh, we need your tax dollars to bail us out”.
The worse part of it all is the LONG list of execs that STILL take home HUGE paychecks, benefits and bonuses EVEN THOUGH they essentially drove their companies into the ground. In other words the US government is robbing from the POOR, to give to the RICH.
Yikes!!! what is happening here?

UPDATE: I found this article on the 20th of October, talks about a lot of this.


Bank of America is wrong.

The “Bank of America” is not so much. In Santa Cruz they refused to allow customers to close their accounts. They told them that “they could not be protesters and customers at the same time.

Things are getting bad. At least the Santa Cruz cops seem cool.


I Am Not Moving - Hypocrisy at its Best.

The hypocrisy of our government arresting and detaining people in New York City and other states while the US State Department is simuntaneiously TRANING people in other countries how to rise up against THIER governments using social media is INCREDIBLE.

Although Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is not well organized, this is precisely what I’ve been predicting for the last year, “The people will rise up with pitch forks and torches because they have had enough”. They may not be able to articulate exactly what is wrong, but it doesn’t take a genious to tell that SOMETHING is not right.