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Still a fan! Redrock Micro product videos.

Redrock Micro Universal Bundles from Redrock Micro on Vimeo.


I just dig the style of these product videos. They could be SOOO BORING and yet i’m totally drawn to them and want to watch them again and again. Is there a delicate balance between “the text is up so short it just annoys me so i don’t want to watch anymore” and “I think I got it all, but I feel like I want to watch again anyway”? Its a good question to think about when you are designing. 

Gadzooks... $99 LED Light

Wow... The ALZO 770L a $99 LED light. I want to get one just to see how its built. Yea its kind of small but its just a camera mounted light. 

Interesting... it has a rechargeable battery in it and it is recharged thru USB or a wall wart.

No dimmer, but I guess thats what you get for 99 bux. Maybe they'll make an update.

Thanks to my friend Jem Scholfield at for this tip.