Everyone is a Musician!

Techno Jeep...

I love these kind of videos... every day sounds in a new and refreshing way.  This at least seems like its recorded live.  


iTunes as a Monetary System

I've been saying for a few years now that iTunes, partially because of its seeming ubiquitousness, could turn into an entire banking ecosystem. Take a look at what they have done this week in light of the Earthquake in Haiti. They have set up a page where you can donate, directly to the Red Cross, to the relief efforts that are currently underway in Haiti. (By the way, according to the page, 100% of the money goes directly to the Red Cross... thankfully they aren't taking there 30% cut like they do from App Store developers.)

One day when I don't have a deadline on my shoulders I'll outline my plan for how iTunes could become an entire banking system. Right now, I have to get back to MANY MANY MANY keyframes...



Amazingly Beautiful... a must watch!

So first watch this, make it full screen, turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy... then read what I wrote below it.

So get this. This is all CGI, that means this IS NOT REAL!!! There is a Making of Video as well and a break down of how he did his compositing. It takes you thru the creation of one shot in the piece. This is just an amazing piece of work.  Mind boggling.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


Behind the Scenes - Nocturne

My friend Joseph Linaschke cut this great Behind the Scenes video of "Nocturne" for Vincent Laforet. Great job and it really just kind of bugs me... HE'S A PHOTOGRAPHER... how is it that he can he edit so well... Nice job Joseph. Hope to see you soon.

30 Taliban at a time... Coincidence?

OK... this is just weird. The Security Crank web site posted an interesting article pointing out how many times the number 30 shows up in the news while reporting on the war in Afghanistan and what is going on in Pakistan.

30 Taliban at a time

Who knows what it means but it can hardly be a coincidence. Maybe it is evidence of how all the news agencies are just making up numbers?  Maybe it is a TOTAL lack of creativity on the part of the government agency that is responsible for generating these reports. Maybe it is some sort of code that the US and world news agencies are being duped into spreading around the world for SOMEONE???

Who knows but you should look at this article.  Its worth reading thru.