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Tutorial - Screenflow

Teach a man to fish… So I’ve had people ask me about how I do my screen tutorials and then recently got into a twitter discussion with @comebackshane about Screenflow. This is a tutorial I made for Shane, a VERY well respected FCP guru, showing him a quick tour of Screenflow.´╗┐


Tutorial - ScreenFlow Alignment

My buddy, Joseph Linaschke contacted me earlier this evening with a really interesting problem.  He wanted to be able to MOVE his iSight Track in ScreeFlow BUT he also wanted to get it back EXACTLY where it was... tough to do in ScreenFlow because they have no XY coordinates to allow you to pin register something. Also, I've been requesting some sort of Presets so I could hit one button and have it frame the upper left corner on the Apple menu since before Telestream bought ScreenFlow, but thats another topic.
Anyway, check out this cool tip. Works great for those who really want something to be exact.