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More about Gallagher Fenwick's captivity in Cairo

Gallagher speaks about the beginning of things going bad in Cairo last week and what happened to him and how he was beaten and thrown in jail.

So Proud of Gallagher Fenwick!

I’m so proud of my Nephew. So eloquent. I’m glad he sat down to do this interview. Good job Gallagher, we’re so glad you are safe.

In a letter to my mother, Gallaghers Grandmother, he very humbly states that the real concern is for the thousands that are left behind. He wrote her…

Thank you very much Grandma,
I am humbled by the kindness of these words and truly moved as well.

I did go through difficult times but I never doubted my family’s love and the eternal bond that unites us, and that gave me so much strength and it still does.
But, to all of those offering me their help and their compassion, I say: “Im fine, a little bruised and tired, but Im back in Paris sipping on Champagne with papa, maman and Naomi. So, dont worry about me! Worry about the hundreds, the thousands of Egyptians who are still out there and will be all alone when they face a cruelty far meaner than the one I was exposed to. Think about [the man], who saved my life and is probably rotting in some cell because he helped a foreigner. He’s the one who needs and deserves your thoughts, your prayers and your Help, more than me. Really.”
Merci beaucoup Grandma. Love, love, love!