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Tutorial - Editing B-Roll Faster


Everyone has their own workflow and technique when it comes to Final Cut Pro. I will admit that I am pretty much self taught so a lot of what I do is very non-standard but this technique of working with B-Roll works really well and has some nice advantages. You may want to check it out and there is a cool trick thrown in at the end.


We Got That B-Roll!

These guys NAILED the spirit of good B-Roll... everyone has seen this by now probably but I just wanted to post it here so I could find it again and not forget it. And besides... there is a Fenwick in it, (I don't know her).

Directed By Dylan Osborn
Written By Sergio Cilli
Director of Photography Jason O' Malley
Starring: Sergio Cilli, Matty Smith, Jack Allison, Chad Fogland, David Nehr, Marisa Pinson, Matt Reid, Jacob Womack, Stephen Schneider, Eileen Hsi, Will McLaughlin, Cissy Fenwick, Casey Feigh, Eric Ledgin, Julia Bensfield, Jennie Pierson, Lilan Bowden