Tutorial - FCPX 10.1 Multicam Syncing

Creating Synced Multicam clips is something that I do all the time. Most people demo how it works by taking two clips and syncing them. But what do you do if you have a folder full of clips from a shoot. We routinely do interviews with two cameras and with “Spanning Clips” it can be a little tricky keeping track of all the break points. This tutorial shares a new technique I learned from Ryan Christensen during Dave Dugdale’s NAB Edit Demo.


Robots are taking over - Ping Pong

This is a crazy cool piece with Timo Boll, ranked 8th in Table Tennis, but at one time he was racked number 1, playing a ROBOT!!!!! You gotta see this thing!


Tutorial - Real-Time Editing in FCPX

This is a short demo to show just how much stuff can be done in real-time, WHILE your play head is rolling. Although this may just seem like a circus stunt, many of the things that I’m showing here I have actually done IN an edit session with a producer over my shoulder. When you get used to this type of flexibility its hard to imagine going back to anything else.


iPhones are good cameras.

Shot entirely on iPhone 5S’s and directed by Jake Scott, the son of Ridley Scott who directd the “1984” Macintosh Commercial 30 years ago, this piece was shot in 1 day in 15 locations around the globe to commenorate the 30th anniversay of the release of the Macintosh. Here is the BTS video of how it was made


Tutorial - FCPX 10.1 Multicam Clip with All Audio - The Sequel