FCPX and AAF Support

Recently a post came up on Twitter with my name mentioned and it was asking if FCPX supported AAF support yet. My guess is that this post won’t get much traffic because the VAST majority of my readers and followers don’t know or care what AAF is. 

What is it? Well… in high end production workflows it is very common that various parts of the work be devided up between differently specialists. Graphics are done by the graphic artists, color is done by a colorist, effects are done by the effects department and audio is done by a guy who has magical ears and better plug ins than the rest of us. If you want to interface with these people there is a long history of standardized workflows that have worked for a long time. 

So the other day when this Twitter post came up about AAF support came up for FCPX I just sort of rolled my eyes and here’s why.

1. The installed user base of FCPX users is vast and growing. 

2. MOST of them don’t know what AAF is and they aren’t missing this “vital feature”.

3. For the high end guys that DO need it, there are simple to use plugins that solve this problem that cost less than 3 months of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

4. If you were REALLY serious about getting this answer you’d actually ALREADY KNOW about this plugin. 

5. You’re probably just unhappy with something else in your life and you want to kick the dog, which in this case, is Final Cut Pro X. (and yes… its pronounced 10 and not “ex”) 

Then my friend Dave Valencic on Twitter chimed in and said, “it’s still a function that should be included”. Maybe Dave but frankly… I like the way that the development of FCPX is going. It’s a VERY strong tool and Apple constantly chooses where to put it’s efforts and resources. To do AAF support right would take resources and frankly… IT’S ALREADY DONE… its cheap to implement and again… the VAST majority of FCPX users DON’T need it so let the specialists take care of it.

And again. I want to say, although I have good friends that work at Apple none of them have shared ANYTHING with me about this topic this is PURELY my own opinion.

Later Later. 


Tutorial - How to Use Snapchat Stories

In April 2015, Alex MacLean showed me the Casey Neistat video called “Snapchat Murders Facebook” here on YouTube. Since then I’ve been playing around with Snapchat Stories and having a lot of fun. Since Snapchat is often associated with sending dirty pictures to people, we thought we’d do OUR little part in showing you another way to use it and some of what you can do with it. Please add me on Snapchat.


Editing on the Road.

After arriving on Maui for a weeks worth of work I needed to transform my hotel room into a suitable workspace. In this video I Chronicle all of the decisions that I made to come up with the final work environment I created. This was all shot on my iPhone 6 Plus and I cut it in iMovie on the iPhone.

I’m not sure what what is causing the “clicks” at the edits, It could just be the sound of the button to start recording. 

The other thing I noticed is that the new iMovie on the iPhone actually shows you the “Used Media” indicator like FCPX does, and keep in mind, I’m talking about iMovie for the iPHONE!!! Pretty interesting actually. 


Snapchat Murders Facebook

Another Casey Neistat video… You need to check out Snapchat Stories… and you can follow me on snapchat. I post stories there. use my name… “chrisfenwick”.  

What's your Motivation?

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything on my blog here and that’s kinda lame. The whole poing of THIS is to let people know what I’m learning but also what inspires me and motivates me. 

Lately I’ve turned into an über fan of Casey Neistat. His work is raw and powerful and very inspiring. He’s young, I think he just turned 34, ok… so at least he’s young to ME… but I love watching his work and I think you will too.