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What drives do I use?

I got a “tweet” today, (I can’t believe that doesn’t sound weird…) asking what drives I use. I’m assuming this is based on past posts about cheap data storage. I’m always pleased to hear that people are using my techniques and saving tons of money on storing data. 

Although I could have responded back (yes, I thought about saying “tweeted back”, but avoided the temptation) and just said, “Seagate” but I felt I needed more than 140 characters to get this across.

I firmly believe that it really doesn’t matter too much what drives you use for storage. Ask around, you surely find people who hate Seagate and those who love Seagate. You’ll hear just as many people say they LOVE Western Digital as those who HATE Western Digital and likewise with every other manufacturer. 

The thing with hard drives is that they are just mechanisms that are made by man that are very complex and VERY delicate and treated well, they will work just fine, Unless of course they are made poorly and lets face it, EVERYONE will eventually have a bad day or a bad lot and eventually there will be a problem with which ever manufacturer you give your allegiance to. 

So why do I pick Seagate? I dunno… It just feels good.  

So what do you do about a bad run of drives?  

Well, as always you should have backups. You should have alternatives and you should not completely rely on any ONE thing!

Which leads to the obvious question. Do I have al alternative or a back up of all my data on a drive manufacturer other than Seagate incase I buy a batch of lame drives. No I don’t… I guess I’m living on the edge… 

click, click, click, click… Oooo I have to go check that!

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