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Podcasting is fun.

Check out the podcast.

 Since the summer of 2010 I’ve been participating in Carl Olson’s DigitalFilm.TV podcast. It’s been a lot of fun. Once a week, (give or take) Carl and I log on to Skype and chat about what is going on in the industry with a focus on “Digital Convergence”.

Since January 2012, we’ve added a regular guest, really more like a “News Correspondent” Mitch Aunger, other wise known as “Planet Mitch” from Mitch has added a real solid base to our conversations and made things seem much more organized. 

In addition, we started a segment a few months back where we hightlight a digital artist talk about and share links to their work. Although I don’t always come prepared for this segment, it has proven to be another element that has added to the show. 

Podcasting takes patience to build a pattern and a format that works for you and your audience. The real trick is to stick to it. Anyway, if you are at all interested in digital film making and story telling, check out the show.

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Hey Chris,

I've enjoyed the Digital Convergence podcasts a lot. I love, love the talks with filmmakers and artists and the conversation between you, Carl and Mitch and your guests. I've been a bit frustrated with the past few episodes because they've seemed to skew a bit ranty/focus on tech and gear heavy lately. I understand that is mostly due to NAB being right around the corner/finishing up, or the glut of new cameras and post software. As a filmmaker who constantly references, scours, re-filters all this information from all sorts of sources, I feel like the information shared by a filmmaker or artist who is doing amazing work, irrespective of gear, camera specs, editing platform etc is more vital and long lasting than hearing how many Ks a camera has or why a dot version update is so special. Especially in today's internet information cyclone where all 5 of the major "bloggers" are rehashing/blatant copy and pasting the same information.

So I guess my only gripe/request is hone back in on the art and the talent. I'd love to have you guys get Po Chan on there and talk about her approach to The Ticket. I watched that at NAB, and having watched the Last 3 Minutes at Shane's Bootcamp, I watched The Ticket feeling like I was getting a glimpse into someone who has a very specific feeling toward death, and one's aspirations for closure and completion before death comes. I'd love to hear if Po felt that way, or if that's a preoccupation she has. And something I think the Convergence has been lacking lately.

My two (obviously unsolicited) cents.


April 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCharles Elmore

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