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Just say there is a shortage.

The Council on Foriegn Relations is a group of elites that get together to discuss policy for our country and the world. The CFR has been the center of many “out there” conspiracies over the years. This video includes audio recordings from a CFR meeting back in 2009 where the members are discussing how to get MORE people to take the H1N1 “Swine Flu” virus. In the recording one woman basically says, “Well why don’t we just PRETEND there is a shortage, that usually panics people into standing in line for something.” 

Do you remember that was exactly what happened. That WHOLE year I was walking around saying, “its all BS, don’t take the shot, they are just trying to make money off you!!” Well here is the evidence. What shot are they going to TRICK you into THIS flu season or worse yet, FORCE you to take?

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    Chris Fenwick's Custom Tutorials - Home - Just say there is a shortage.
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    Chris Fenwick's Custom Tutorials - Home - Just say there is a shortage.

Reader Comments (2)

I tried to click the video...says it's 'not found." Nevermind, Chris. It's probably been removed by Big Brother. The Council on Foreign Relations members are likely investors in the drug.

But, hark! Just today, some news came out that Dr. Andrew Wakefield's findings on autistic enterocolitis being associated with the vaccine strain of the measles virus has been corroborated. There are, in fact, over thirty studies, matching his research.

Thank you for trying to enlighten.

November 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSally Rubin

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