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TWiP Joshua Tree time lapse.

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I've been reading through and watching a lot of your tutorials and they are extremely useful.. thanks for putting all this great info online.

But I do have a couple questions about timelapse and workflow that I was hoping you could answer. First off, I know there are multiple ways to assemble a timelapse sequence of images into a movie. I was just wondering what program(s) you use and also what codec do you use? let me explain better...

If I am wanting to create a 1080p HD sequence and have a bunch of 11 MP images that I took but I want to preserve all the color information and full resolution of the images during editing, what's the best program/codec to use? (note that the image sequence takes up LOTS of space and I'd like to be able to delete them after assembling a good quality archival timelapse movie.) I then want to use that timelapse movie in Premiere and do my cropping, panning, and color correction with that movie file. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

April 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrent

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