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William J. Clinton Foundation does not meet Standards

What has happened in Haiti is horrible, however, be careful who you are donating to.

You need to look into the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. IT IS NOT A REAL charity. From their own web page it states, "Presidents Clinton and Bush oversee the CBHF through their respective nonprofit organizations, the William J. Clinton Foundation and Communities Foundation of Texas." meaning the money gets split up between Bill and George.

So there is not really a Clinton Bush Fund...

Now take a look at what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the William J. Clinton Foundation. No oversight, insufficient number of board members, to many paid board members, not enough board member meetings, TONS of problems... including, only THREE board members, (who? Bill Hill and Chelsey??) Just go read for yourself here.

And don't miss the $132,000,000 income for 2007.  Wow "Ex-presidenting" is profitable.

I think I would donate to Doctors Without Borders.

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