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What if airports were this fun?

If only airports were this fun, I may want to fly more often.

Many years ago I worked with the people of Play, Inc. They created a product called Trinity. Trinity was one of those “TV Studio in Box” products and I got into some heated discussions with their head of software development about how we needed to do demos that were more technical. He taught me a REALLY valuable lesson that people are not influenced by facts NEARLY as much as they are influenced by emotion. 

That is precisely why ‘ads’ like this are so valuable. You watch it, you feel good, they hit you with a pink T-Mobile ad at the end. Next time you see that pink logo… you’ll relive all those wonderful emotions.


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I have dry eye syndrome and to see something like this wonderful video is a miracle. I cry and smile and cry and smile and cry so much the tears fill my eyes and that is good! The smile hurts my face and makes me cry more and I am well for the day.

This is so beautifully done. I have watched it about 7 times today and I keep finding a new face to love and I can see 20/20 and very clearly today - all because of Welcome Back. Thanks for the sharing, Chris.

November 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJust Mother

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