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This may be a a question already answered but here goes...

Computer A and Computer B...I have computer "A" with a library/ project/event /media etc. That project employed many plug ins (third party). I go over to computer "B" and bring the (consolidated) library with me (from machine A) and try to open up the project. It kinda works but since many of the plug-ins that are on "A" dont exist on "B" I get alot of red files and thumbnails. I get that and I understand why...all plug-ins used need to exist on both machines for there to be no issues. there a way to tak a project in the time line and say..."remove all effects" or before I consolidate a library is there a way to duplicate the project and say "strip off all effects" but keep the cut/edit? That make sense? Thanks for your help.
February 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Simpson