Discussion > FCP, LUT Buddy, Technicolor CineStyle, and S Curves.. OH MY!

Hey Chris!

First, thanks for all these tutorials! Such a great resource for all of us and really appreciate that you do this to help others. THANKS!

I used the new CineStyle on my 7D last night, and although it was difficult to see focus, it was nice to see the my blacks weren't crushed when I imported footage to FCP. However, I'm not so sure I'm using this tool correctly. I recorded one clip that was 2 minutes long so I decided this would be the clip I'd experiment with. I imported as ProRes422LT into FCP via Canon E1. I then applied the LUT Buddy to clip and imported the technicolor S curve. DRAMATIC difference in coloring right off the top, WOW! That said, when I went to throw the 2 minute clip into the timeline I had to render which took 30 MINUTES!

I was shocked that it would take so long for a two minute clip. My mac is a 2.8 / i7 with 12GB of RAM so I don't think it's a machine issue. I've not come across this happening before so I wasn't sure if my workflow was messed up or if that's just the way it's going to be with these new tools. Have you used and/or experienced this issue yet??


May 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDustin