Editing on the Road.
Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 12:57AM
Chris Fenwick in FCPX, FCPX Grill, Workflow

After arriving on Maui for a weeks worth of work I needed to transform my hotel room into a suitable workspace. In this video I Chronicle all of the decisions that I made to come up with the final work environment I created. This was all shot on my iPhone 6 Plus and I cut it in iMovie on the iPhone.

I’m not sure what what is causing the “clicks” at the edits, It could just be the sound of the button to start recording. 

The other thing I noticed is that the new iMovie on the iPhone actually shows you the “Used Media” indicator like FCPX does, and keep in mind, I’m talking about iMovie for the iPHONE!!! Pretty interesting actually. 

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