Tutorial - Final Cut Pro Bin Structure
Friday, March 12, 2010 at 6:07AM
Chris Fenwick in Tutorial, Workflow

Click here to learn my folder structure in the Finder.

Below is a sample of my Bin structure in Final Cut Pro. There are some sample sub bins and I’ve revealed some of the EFX that I have in my default project. Feel free to think about the things that want or need in your template project and ‘adjust to taste’.

00 EFX
This is at the top of the list because I normally work in list mode and like to have it at the top because I tend to tickle this a lot during an edit. The sub Bins include Audio, Transitions and Video. As you can see I have a few EQ settings (that I’ve renamed) and a few transitions (that I tend to overuse) and a few Video plug ins that I use to use with SD footage to try to make it look cooler… (I normally deal just with HD stuff now).

01 Sequences
In here you can see a sample sequence with my naming structure “Client_Project_Element_Version”, and you can also see the “zzOLD” folder where past versions are stored. I do not “version” my project files, I “version” my sequences. It is important that the version number come from sequence name so that date transfers all the way thru the XPORT file and the COMPRESSION so when a client comments on Version 23, I can track it all the way back into the bin and make adjustments as needed.

02 Reels
This is where time coded media would go, whether it come from Tapes or P2 Cards, or other sources that can be recreated. This assumes of course that the source media is made available and CAN be captured again.

03 Media
This is where you would put video media that can not be captured again or media that is not time coded. This may include stock footage or client supplied MOVs.

04 Anim Renders
Any content that you created that is an animation and can be found in the ANIM RENDERS folder in the finder should be put in this folder.

05 GFX
All still images would go in here. Whether they are Pict, JPG, PNG, Targa, TIFF they all go in here. I also keep a Matte Generator of Black and White in this bin because I find that I use them all the time.

06 Noise
All you sound files go here. In this example, I’ve sub divided into Music, SFX, and VO.  

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